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Booster Vaccinations

Since January 2022, Indonesia has started to provide the third dose of vaccine or booster for Covid-19 with priority for the elderly. This vaccine booster has good benefits for boosting the immune system which is not as strong as before. For the elderly, getting a booster can reduce the risk of severe disease. The risk of severe illness from Covid-19 increases with age. Getting a Covid-19 booster vaccine is an important step in helping to prevent getting sick from the corona virus. In addition, strengthening the immune system will also protect yourself and those around you from viral infections. Panti Werda Hana gradually carried out booster vaccinations for all elderly residents. Panti Werda Hana thank UKRIDA Hospital for helping with booster vaccine services on 10, 17 and 24 February 2022 at Ukrida Hospital. For elderly people with physical limitations to be brought to UKRIDA Hospital, on March 4, 2022 PT Timurraya Karya Mandiri (Deltalube) has helped coordinate the implementation of booster vaccines at Panti Werda Hana as one of their CSR programs. Thank you for the concern from the management of PT Timurraya Karya Mandiri for the elderly. Even though they have received booster vaccines, the elderly still carry out health protocols in their daily activities, including wearing masks properly, washing hands, keep distance and limiting crowds. Stay healthy and stay safe.