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But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

(Genesis 19: 26)


Rose, who is nearly 92, stepped foot into the Senior Living Home with the help of a cane. The clerk greeted her kindly, and when she reached her room, the clerk said, “Madam, the room you are going to live in is much smaller than the bedroom in your house.” Rose replied, “It’s okay, boy, I’ve prepared myself to live my life change. Life is always rolling in change, isn’t it? Children out of the house; the husband had gone to the Father’s house first; and now I am ready to live my old age in this place with God who remains with my life to completion.”

What is our attitude in the face of changes in our lives? Are we like Lot’s wife who is unwilling to give up her past so as to lose life itself? Or are we walking forward in the face of change? Happiness is, in essence, a courage to face change with faith convictions. In the midst of that process of change, the Lord leads and is with us faithfully. Therefore, let us faithfully press forward with Him. Don’t cry the one behind.



God, teach us not to continue to be attached to our past, but to continue to move forward boldly in God’s guidance. Amen


Source: https://www.ykb-wasiat.org/2022/11/01/  Jendela Hati 1 November 2022