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Hana Nursing Home

Every Elderly hopes to enjoy their life happily, healthily and well being. This hope becomes the mission of Hana Nursing Home through provision of the best service in caring and serving the Elderly.

Hana Nursing Home provides residential facilities, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, daily meals and snack, routine wellness monitoring and safe environment.


By living in Hana Nursing Home, the Elderly can spend their time for energetic and productive activities, free from the hassles of managing household assistants, electricity and water bills and residence maintenance.

Hana Nursing Home welcomes Elderly who wants to stay temporarily whilst enjoying the activities at the nursing home. Hana Nursing Home offers flexible residential packages, i.e. daily, weekly and monthly package, to suit the needs.

For further information, please contact (021) 7420931/7442802 or pantiwerdahana@gmail.com


Hana Nursing Home provides a well-equipped range of facilities, including worship, activities and events facilities, as well as the beautiful Eden Garden which allows the residents to take a walk or jog casually every day.

Every resident's health is monitored by our doctors who are stand-by for health consultations. In addition, Bethesda Medical Ward, a specially designated ward for residents who need more intensive health-care, is served by experienced nursing staff.

As a form of community service, Hana Nursing Home also opens a Health Clinic service for the surrounding community with an affordable price.


Hana Nursing Home arranges various activities to help the residents be healthy, active, and productive. These activities include gymnastics, yoga, spiritual activities (Bible Study, School of Love), choir practice, playing Angklung, health education, and handy-crafts class. Hana Nursing Home also supports the residents to develop their hobbies, such as vegetables farming, baking, playing dramas and many more.

Last but not least, Hana Nursing Home opens opportunities for the residents to use their talents and time in serving the community and people in need, making the residents' life a blessing for others.

Welcome ...
Welcome to Hana Nursing Home

A residence for Elderly enjoy their old age happily, healthily and well being.
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Graha Pavilion

The Graha Pavilion consists of 12 rooms of Anyelir type which can be occupied by two people, and 8 Bakung type rooms with a capacity for one person, each room equipped with a private bathroom.

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Damai Pavilion

The Damai Pavilion consists of 20 rooms for one person with en-suite bathroom.

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Kasih Pavilion

The Kasih Pavilion consists of 2 floors. Each floor contain with 16 single bed rooms and en-suite bathroom.