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Accreditation of Social Welfare Institutions (LKS) is a Government appreciation and recognition to Social Welfare Institutions, for have fulfilled the prevailed standards. The purpose of LKS accreditation is to improve the quality of LKS services and protect the community from inappropriate social service practices. Accreditation is given to LKS that meet the minimum service standards for the implementation of social welfare services, which include Programs, Human Resources, Organizational Management, Facilities and Infrastructure, service processes and service outcomes.

Praise the  Lord, at the end of year 2020, the  Hana Nursing Home, as LKS forelderly, received an Accreditation Certificate (No. 284.SA-LKS.A / 2020) with a Very Good rating (A) from the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. The success in achieving accreditation is the result of the efforts of the employees, Elderly and of the Executives of Hana Nursing House Foundation, including the efforts of the previous Executives who have prepared and tried to provide the best for the Elderly.

The results of this accreditation are not the end of the goal, but are the beginning of efforts to improve the quality of services to residents and also the community continuously and continuously.