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Lord, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep

Psalm 92: 5

There is an Indian legend about a man who daily carried water from the river to his house. He filled two jugs and carried them with a bamboo pole. The new jug he placed on the right and the older jug ​​on the left. However, the old jug was cracked. The water splattered along the way. When he got home, the water in the jug had decreased. The new jug often mocks the old jug. Finally, one day, the old jug spoke to the man, “Finish my duty, for I am useless.” However, the man said, “Why are you complaining about that? Pay attention to the side of the road we are on. I know you’re cracked. Therefore, I planted flowers, onions, and vegetables on the side of the road that you passed. Everything thrives, because every day you help me water it.”

Dear Elders, of course we cannot compare ourselves with young people or with the experiences when we were young. As we get older, God also gives a gifts of grace to us. God made the gifts  produce good things for many people. How great is God’s work in us.


O Lord, teach us to find the good in ourselves and in others, and use it for the best in this life. Amen

Source: https://www.ykb-wasiat.org/2022/02/12/  Jendela Hati 12 February 2022