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Christian Nursing Home ‘Hana’ (Panti Werda Kristen Hana) is owned and established by  Indonesian Christian Church [Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI)] to specifically serve the elderly in the light of Christ’s love so they can enjoy a loving, peaceful and harmonious life in their twilight years.
The idea to establish a nursing home came to Mr. and Mrs. Tan Ngo Liong when they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 1958. It was welcomed warmly by GKI Samanhudi (formerly GKI Klinci), which followed it up by creating a fundraising committee called Bethesda. After years of ups and downs, on June 19, 1976 a foundation by the name of Panti Werda Kristen Hana was established under a notary deed.

Having gone through several periods of stewardship, it is presently run by 36 members of staff and can accommodate 90 elders.