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We would like to express warm thanks to all  support from donors and the Church, in the form of prayer, fund, goods or idea. All supports has been sustaining our nursing home.

Thank you for considering supporting us in providing a happy, healthy and prosperous nursing home. God bless you

Use the information below to make a donation by bank transfer.

  • Bank: BCA KCP Pondok Indah, Beneficiary Account Number: 291 799 5555 Beneficiary Name: Yayasan Panti Werda Hana
  • Bank: BCA KCP Pondok Indah, Beneficiary Account Number:  291 499 3333 Beneficiary Name: Renovasi YPW Hana 

For further information, please contact (021) 7420931/7442802 or pantiwerdahana@gmail.com