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Even to your old age, I am He, And even to gray hairs I will carry you ! 

(Isaiah 46: 4)


One of the most fun things for a child is being carried by his parents or grandparents. When carried, then the child will surrender himself and entrust himself to the person holding him. He will feel safe and comfortable in that sling so he wants to feel it constantly. That’s why there is a child who cries when he is taken down from the sling, because the sling makes him feel loved.

God’s promise through the prophet Isaiah is remarkable, that is, until the old age and whiteness of our hair, God will carry us. That means God promises that He will continue to love and sustain us throughout our lives. This promise shows that God is faithful and cares deeply for us. God will not leave us alone to bear all things. All we have to do is trust in Him and entrust ourselves into all his plans for us. No matter what we face, we have nothing to fear, because there is a God who is always ready to sustain us. With Him, we will not be allowed to fall lying, for as He promised, He will carry us.


God, thank You that You are always ready to carry us when we are weak and helpless. Amen.

Source https://www.ykb-wasiat.org/2022/08/19/  Jendela Hati 19th August 2022