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Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

Philippians 4: 4

A crow father takes its children flying across to a land. While flying, the father asked them, “Who will take me to fly when I am old and no longer able to fly far?” “Me,” answered the first and second children. However, the father did not believe it. The third child then replied, “Dad, you must take care of yourself when you gets old because at that time I will have my own family to take care of.” Hearing this the father said, “You are telling the truth.”

Elderly friends, of course we hope that in this old age there is a family who takes care of us with love. However, sometimes that ideal doesn’t happen. The reality is that we are alone and have to take care of everything ourselves. Children are busy with their families or live far away so  they cannot be with us. In fact, maybe we should live in a nursing home. Then, will we be disappointed with our family? Are we going to act just to get their attention? When we have to live alone when we are old, learn to accept the reality with courage and willingness. Try our best to stay independent, keep praying for our children, and keep rejoicing always in God.


Lord, we realize that our children do not belong to us at all. Enable us to continue to live life with joy. Amen


Source: https://www.ykb-wasiat.org/2022/06/07/  Jendela Hati  June 7th, 2022