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Activities During the Pandemic

On March 2, 2020, the government announced the first case of Covid 19 in Indonesia. The Elderly are the group most at risk of being infected with the virus Covid 19, due to a decrease in immune system and their comorbidities. Therefore, since March 16, 2020, the Hana Nursing Home has taken anticipatory actions:

  1. implement the Covid 19 prevention protocol for Elderky and Employees by using masks, washing hands regularly with soap and running water and maintaining distance
  2. restrict family visits, guests and also avoid activities that result in crowds, instead the family communicates via telephone or meets virtually through video calls facilitated by the nursing home
  3. avoid physical contact
  4. check the temperature of Elderky and Employees, provide hand sanitizers and provide antiseptic steam booths for employees who enter the nursing home area
  5. spray disinfectant into the room / room periodically and use disinfectant in cleaning the Elderly’s room
  6. provide nutritious food, milk and traditional herbal drinks to strengthen the immunity of Elderky and Employees
  7. motivate Elderly to sunbathe in the morning while doing light exercise such as yoga and physiotherapy
  8. participate in spiritual activities, health webinars or other activities according to hobbies through recordings or online.